The programs endpoint is heavily unsanitized. You most likely need to do additional parsing to render the information useful.

Base URL


limit (integer)

Limit number of results. Max 100 results. Default 10.

offset (integer)

Offset number of results. Default 0.

Field Queries

Add any additional field queries.

Sample Response
"response": [
"id": "ERSPE1688",
"name": "Computer Science (Science)",
"type": "specialist",
"campus": "Mississauga",
"description": "12.0 credits are required.",
"enrollment": "Limited Enrolment\n --Enrolment in this program...",
"completion": "First Year\nCSC108H5, CSC148H5; MAT102H5...",
"last_updated": "2020-07-22T10:18:51.910810"
"status_code": 200,
"status_message": "success"