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Welcome to Nikel API!

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What is Nikel API?โ€‹

Nikel (pronunciation: /'ni:kษ›l/) is a collection of data APIs for the University of Toronto. It's aimed to be a viable replacement for the now unmaintained and non-functioning Cobalt API.

Nikel API is built with performance in mind with request caching and low latency querying. The Nikel Core is written in 100% Go using the Gin Web Framework for reliability and speed.

As a result, Nikel API will always be free and unlimited.


A crucial part of applications are APIs. The Nikel API is aimed to assist students and developers in providing high quality data APIs on the University of Toronto.


Nikel is opensource. If you want to contribute, pull requests are always welcome. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Next Stepsโ€‹

Here's a list of things Nikel will hopefully accomplish in the future:

  • Add more endpoints
  • Deploy Nikel Core on a proper VPS


Send your questions to [email protected].