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Next Steps

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Thank You!โ€‹

Nikel API has come a long way since its initial release about 3 weeks ago. To date, Nikel API has served close to 80k requests.

Thank you for the continued support for Nikel API!

Contributers / Team membersโ€‹

Nikel is currently maintained by one person (me). I believe that to make this project sustainable for years to come, we will need to create an environment where people can collaborate and share ideas.

Contributing to open source can be daunting/overwhelming, which is why I want to make this project as friendly as possible to newcomers.

If you are interested in contributing to Nikel API or want to take part in the development process, please contact us at [email protected] so we can add you to the GitHub organization.

API Wrappersโ€‹

I'm currently looking for people who want to develop API wrappers for Nikel API.

Currently, there are two API wrappers for Nikel:

It would be amazing if more languages had API wrappers since it would make using the API much easier and simpler for newcomers.

Thanks again,

Daren Liang